I Cut My Hair 我把頭髮剪了

◆加拿大英廣班 Angela

  I cut my hair and I did so with an intention.

  Since studying Lam Rim my intentions are so very different than what they were previously. I did not cut my hair to change my view of myself or how others might view me. I did not cut it to be in style. I did not cut it to rebel against the current trend to spend billions and billions on hair products, styles, colors, salons ... seems endless to put so much value on hair. I prefer the stories from The Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish, wherein someone who is accepted by Buddha as a disciple bows before the Buddha and their hair falls away. Stories such as this encourage me to follow the Buddha and his teachings.

  My main reason for cutting my hair was so that I could donate the hair for wigs for cancer patients. Recently one of our Lam Rim classmates developed cancer and has been undergoing treatment. I really feel compassion for him because it is so very difficult. My father died at age fifty-four from cancer and the struggle with this disease is very close to my heart. I stayed by his side throughout his illness. So I dedicate to my classmate my hair, and this prayer.

  I pray that my good intentions will continue to grow. My wishes and prayers are for those who are suffering and have suffered long and relentlessly from the ravages of cancer. I dedicate the hairs on my head, clean and unsullied, to those seeking comfort and relief from the pain and sting of those debilitating and all consuming diseases.

  May they know that others wish for their speedy recovery. I pray that they again may feel the pleasure of peace and contentment without the worry of sickness or death.




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